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22nd July 2023, Kathmandu

“ Celebrates Nine Years of Empowering Readers with Reliable Economic News Coverage!”

Congratulations on the ninth-year anniversary of, the leading Economic News Portal! Over the past eight years, Kusum Media Creation Pvt. Ltd has fearlessly ventured into the realm of financial journalism, and today, you stand strong as a pioneer in the field.

From humble beginnings, has grown exponentially, providing its esteemed readers, viewers, colleagues, advertisers, and well-wishers with high-quality and reliable economic news coverage. Your dedication to delivering economic news has inspired numerous other online publications to follow suit, leading to a flourishing landscape of financial journalism on the Internet.

Your commitment to supporting the country’s economy, even during challenging times, speaks volumes about the integrity and resilience of your team. Your role as a bridge between the private sector and government agencies has been instrumental in fostering positive policies and advocating for the rights of entrepreneurs and businessmen.

As the President of Milan Khadka, and Chief Editor Lilanath Ghimire, and the entire team, deserve immense appreciation for their tremendous efforts and hard work over the past eight years. Your dedication to making online media more accessible and readable through various digital platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok, and many more.

On this special occasion, the Chief Editor of ICT Frame Magazine, Mina Aryal, and the entire ICT Frame Family extend their warmest wishes to Your contributions to the world of economic news have been recognized and admired, and the entire community looks forward to continued excellence in your reporting.

Congratulations once again, and may your journey ahead be filled with prosperity and achievements!


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