Artificial Intelligence Shows Potential To Fight Blindness

Artificial intelligence shows potential to fight blindness

We are now living in the Twenty-First Century where technologies have been upgrading day by day: AI is one of them. The idea of AI has aroused for a lot of years but has been entirely used only up to robots. AI now is upgrading to other technologies.

What is AI?

AI also known as Artificial Intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the original data. The scope of AI is disputed: as the device becomes increasingly capable. The idea of the smart city is in the air which also is an idea from AI. When someone first addresses the word AI, the first thing that strikes someone’s head is robots, but we use AI in just more than robots and also in our day-to-day life and still don’t have a flick about it. They are:

  1. Siri: Siri is one of the famous personal assistant found on the iPhone, iPad, etc. And, is one of the best examples of voice recognition.
  2. G-mail: Google’s email platform uses machine learning to stop unwanted email or spam from entering your mailbox which also another use of AI.
  3. Amazon: Amazon’s AI has been around for a long time now.

And, a lot more of them like Netflix, Google maps, Google translate, etc.

Other sources where AI is planned to be used in near days are:

Google’s plan to use AI

Google announced a new app called lookout that uses face recognition to describe a scene through a phone’s camera. Google is testing app now and said it would be released later this year, starting from pixel devices.

This app, according to me, is a revolutionary idea in the sector of AI. This app is specially designed for the blinds to work out their way. This app detects the stairs, people around them and notifies the user about it. It also reads out nearby texts. The best things about the application are that it doesn’t require any internet connection.

Google says Lookout is designed to keep users engaged with what’s going on the environment without bombarding them with information. Instead of taking the essential parts and telling it.

AI to be helping monitor blood sugar levels

Scientists have combined radar, and AI technologies to detect a change in sugar level, an advance that allows persons with diabetes to control their blood sugar without painful finger pricks several times a day.

The research involves collaboration with Google and German hardware company Infineon, which jointly developed a small radar device and sought input from select teams around the world on the potential application.
The system at Waterloo uses the radar device to send high-frequency radio waves into liquids containing various levels of glucose and receive radio waves that are reflected in it.

Most of the Implementations are just the tip of the iceberg of an AI which has a lot to discover and unfold. Slowly someday when AI takes place all over home and workplace, then our friction will become a reality, where working would be easier faster and proficient.


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