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April 07, 2020, Kathmandu, Nepal

Are you a tech enthusiast and love exploring the technologies? Do you spend hours searching for the answer of tech-related questions on the internet but end up with nothing? If your answer to these questions is Yes, we’ve got something pretty amazing for you in this article. In this article, we’ll be discussing must join the community for tech enthusiasts- Ask Buddie.

First Information Technology Community From Ne

Formerly Tech Room Reload (TRR), Ask Buddie is a technology support forum. It connects the newbies to the experts helping every individual that needs help. Founded by Sushant Maharjan and Ashish Yadav on May 16, 2017, with more than 12.5K members all over the globe it is now one of the top tech communities in Nepal.

If you’re a programmer and have got a problem with your code, you’ll surely get a solution in Ask Buddie. To get a solution, all you need to do is just publish a post in the group regarding your problem. You’ll get help from expert professionals in really a simple way. Not only this, but you can also ask and gain knowledge in almost everything related to technology.

The amazing platform is free of spams as it is moderated by 20 team members. Each of the posts is moderated and approved by the team to make the community spam-free.

What does Ask Buddie offer to its members?

Ask Buddie has got quite a lot to offer for its members. It is an offering as a problem-solving and a knowledge-sharing forum. It has partnered with ShotCoder Hosting as an official hosting partner. Through ShotCoder, you can get exclusive deals as an Ask Buddie member.

It has got an Open Source program too. You can improve your skills by contributing to its Open Source program. You can contribute to its GitHub projects.

Ask Buddie’s Blog is the next thing you might get interested in. Although it has not been updated for quite a long time, you can get some pretty amazing tech tutorials along with other articles there. And guess what, you can publish your article or submit to publish there.

Ask Buddie is not the only one to offer in the group, the members of Ask Buddie also offer various things there. You’ll be able to participate in many giveaways that the members host in the group. As a member of Ask Buddie, you’ll get access to hundreds of software shared in it. Not only this, but you’ll also get coupons to participate in various paid courses in Udemy, Eduonix and so on. We believe this will help you in following the path to achieving the success you’ve dreamed of.

The counseling you get from experts working in various fields will ultimately help you in choosing the correct path. You can learn from their experiences and minimize the mistakes newbie makes during their beginning days.

Besides all this, you can have a job opportunity if the entrepreneurs in the group found your talent to be useful for them.

What does the co-founder say about Ask Buddie?

“Ask Buddie has been helping people for the last 3 years and it has become a platform for them to share, learn and improve their personal growth. So, I feel Ask Buddie can be a great platform, full of opportunity to learn and grow personally”, says Ashish Yadav, co-founder of Ask Buddie.

When we asked him about the further plans of Ask Buddie, he said, “Currently, we are providing some services like Web hosting, blog and an open-source program, where people can get free hosting services or paid if they need one or write a blog in our platform by being an author of Ask Buddie or submit/contribute to Ask Buddie open-source program to collaborate and sharpen their skills. Now, we are having a plan to launch our community platform rather than the Facebook and some regular events like hackathons, workshops to help them develop more”

What do the other members tell?

Raju Khadka, an SEO expert says, “Ask Buddie is the best group out there”. Similarly, “Ask Buddie is a common platform for all tech enthusiasts/personalities where one can ask for a solution regarding tech-related queries. It is the junction for online solutions and guidance for tech-related contents/issues”, says Shreeman Bhandari, social media expert. On a similar note, Nixan Gauli, Blogger and Gamer says, “Ask Buddie is great for asking queries and taking information on various tech-related things. You can even learn from other questions so yeah it’s awesome”.

When we asked a few more people, some people told that it is a great group but has to bring some improvements. One of the members said that he has faced discriminations as when he shared his blog post, his posted was deleted and similar posts are still in the group. He also reported that one of his funny comment was deleted by similar comments are still there in the group. Another person told that he created many designs for Ask Buddie but was never appreciated.

We also asked some of the moderators of the group and one of them said that he has faced hypocritical behaviors by the admins. He also told that moderators are never appreciated for their hard work.

What’s our view on Ask Buddie?

Ask Buddie is the best tech community in Nepal. It has got almost everything to make it a complete tech community. When we say it’s best, it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t got anything to improve. There is always the space to improve and Ask Buddie has got too. There are some improvements still needed to make it more efficient, more beneficial and more sustainable. Ask Buddie team should improve those issues and make the community more beneficial for the members.


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