UG Bazaar

19th November 2020, Kathmandu

Nepal’s newest major e-commerce company, “UG Bazaar” has marked its recent launch with some astounding deals and offers. Founded by Kiran Timsina and Nikita Acharya of UG cake fame, UG Bazaar is gearing up to be a force to be reckoned with in Nepal’s e-commerce market.

In a press release by the company, “UG Bazaar Launch Campaign” was officially announced. This campaign started on the 11th of November and will run till the 30th of November.

In the same press release, the founders, recently listed among Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2020 list, stated that the heavy discount was a strategy to get the new business up and running. These offers also allow customers to get a taste of the service provided while also benefiting from the discount. The main focus of this sale period will be electric and electronic goods.

UG Bazaar’s three major offer comes during the period of 11th-30th November. They have announced November 11th as “Chutt ma Lutt” whereby all Khalti payments will receive cashback. Additionally, the 27th November “Kin-Day” Black Friday and November 30th Cyber Monday sale dubbed “Antim Sales” will also see cashback which provides discount coupons of Rs. 350 or Rs. 700, selected randomly and applicable on top of the discount.

Cyber Monday

Throughout the sales period of 11th – 30th November, there will also be daily flash sales on the website. These flash sales will see five products listed for 24 hours with crazy discount. Mobile phones, washing machines, refrigerators, and many more electrical products are listed for a heavily discounted price. The founders plan to continue campaigns like this later on as well focusing on a variety of products.

Other services by UG Bazaar

UG Bazaar operates under the umbrella of Urban Girl Inc. Initially launched on August 7th with on the Play Store and App Store, UG Bazaar envisions being a one-stop solution for all kinds of goods and services in the Nepalese market.

UG Bazaar has partnered with NIC Asia as their payment partner. Using NIC Asia’s service to pay for products purchased from UG Bazaar will provide the customers with fixed cashback on top of any discounted price.

UG Bazaar offers a chance for the general populace to sell through a dedicated seller dashboard. Here, you can manage stock, see orders, check for new customers, followers, respond to feedback or queries, and much more.

As a seller, you can also list items for auction. With this feature, interested parties will bid on the item for sale. With every new bid, the current bid will rise. The one with the highest bid by the time limit will get to purchase the item. The seller can set a minimum price for these auctions.

Additionally, as a buyer, you can place up to 3 offers for any item. The seller has the choice of whether or not to accept any offers. UG Bazaar AI will then use these interactions to show minimum offer to other potential buyers.


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