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2nd December 2020, Kathmandu

Attend App was launched by Attend Pvt. Ltd on Sunday with a wide range of services across Nepal. The new application is like the popular ride-sharing applications like Tootle and Pathao. The application brought by the company includes motorcycle, taxi, car, jeep, health service, ambulance, and various other package services. Director Bhim Kant Bhandari said that he believes this application can provide all kinds of services from a single platform.

During the blockade of 2072 BS, various applications were launched to commercialize the ‘ride-lifting culture’ that had spread during the fuel shortage. The applications created at the time of the national crisis were put to good use. Currently, there is a global crisis of Covid-19.

The app has been brought into operation by integrating all types of travel, transportation, and health service as there is a challenge of reducing congestion and making traffic safe and reliable. Director Bhandari says that they believe that this application will ease all the problems demanded by the difficult situation created by Covid-19.

Attend App Features

The App

Attend Application

The company has launched two applications under ‘Attend’, ‘Attend App’ and ‘Attend Driver’. This application is available for Android and iOS operating systems.

The first application is for the user. The second is for the driver or the person and organization providing the service under it. People can download any or both applications as per their need. After filling in your details as required, you can get all the services available on the platform.

‘Attend’ has come with great potential and goals in itself. It does not only cover the Kathmandu Valley or urban areas but also anywhere in the country with internet service, said Bhandari. “You can also book from Jhapa to Itahari, you can also come to Kathmandu, there is no limit of services,” he said.


It not only covers a wide range of areas and services. But also solves various problems in the services that are currently operating in a limited way. There is no booking feature in other applications in the market, ‘Attend’ has made arrangements for booking for the future from now on.

However, it is believed to be useful not only for passengers but also for transportation services. Not only if someone has to reach somewhere, but also if someone needs something then it can be ordered here. Daily consumer goods, medicines, clothes, furniture, and other consumer goods can be ordered from it. The company aims to create a common platform for business or industrial transactions in the future.

Health services

The attend app also features emergency services such as ambulances, hearses, police, and fire brigades. If someone is in an emergency, the telephone and SMS will be sent to the nearest police and family members as soon as the emergency button is pressed. Arrangements have also been made to provide ambulance and hearse services all over the country. There is no charge for using the application for ambulance and hearse services. The company has included it under corporate social responsibility.

Online Payment

The problem with the applications currently in operation is not only the small scope of work and limited services but also various other problems. For example, users still do not have the means to pay online. So, in this app, it is possible to make payments from all types of bank cards using this application. It also has the necessary features to make the payment system secure.


Another problem we see now is insurance. If an accident occurs while serving a person, who will be responsible for it? This is a long-standing problem. However, the company has also set an ambitious goal of providing third party insurance for all modes of transport registered in this application. Bhandari, the company’s director, says, “We take responsibility for third party insurance, be it motorcycles, taxis, cars, jeeps or any other means.”


Attend Mobile Application

The cost of the service using this application is much cheaper than other services operating in the market. For the time being, only a 10 percent commission has been provided for all types of services. Except for the services provided free of cost under social responsibility. The company has also stated that it will continue to make it relative to the nature of the service.


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