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25th November 2023, Kathmandu

Automa8e’s AI-Driven Revolution: ASR+ Tier 3 Status Unlocks Accounting & Finance Excellence

Pitch Notes:

Pitch Sentence 1:

Automa8e, with cutting-edge AI and machine learning, is revolutionizing financial management, ushering in a new era of precision and efficiency.

Pitch Sentence 2:

With our newly acquired Tier 3 status, Automa8e invites businesses to experience the benefits firsthand. Embracing our services means embracing a full-fledged digital solution, ensuring a seamless fulfillment of tax obligations, and enhancing the overall user experience for businesses using Tier 3 Accounting Software.

Pitch Sentence 3:

Automa8e isn’t just about automation; it’s about empowering businesses to transcend traditional financial processes, especially with its exceptional handling of tax returns.

Pitch Sentence 4:

Imagine a world where over 90% of manual journal entries are automated, setting a global benchmark and freeing up valuable time and resources for financial professionals.

Pitch Sentence 5:

Automa8e’s companion platforms, Documa8e and Reportma8e, further elevate efficiency, making daily tasks a breeze and providing real-time insights for better-informed decisions.

Pitch Sentence 6:

Beyond the present success, Automa8e is committed to expanding AI-driven innovation across Asian markets, reshaping the future of financial management.

Automa8e, the vanguard of AI-driven innovation in the realm of accounting and finance, proudly announces its elevation to Tier 3 accreditation within IRAS’ prestigious Accounting Software Register Plus (ASR+).

Automa8e, fueled by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning, ushers in a new era of financial excellence. This prestigious Tier 3 status represents a watershed moment in the accounting sphere, introducing businesses to an unprecedented era of automation, precision, and efficiency.

Equipped with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, Automa8e offers a diverse range of services that transcend conventional accounting norms. It excels in seamlessly managing Corporate Income Tax Returns (Form C-S) and GST Returns (F5, F8), positioning itself as the catalyst for businesses seeking a streamlined, cost-effective alternative for tax filings. It’s a game-changer that empowers businesses to move beyond traditional financial processes.

Automa8e stands out with its unwavering dedication to simplifying complex accounting tasks, rendering them not only manageable but also enhancing their strategic significance. By automating the time-consuming and error-prone aspects, Automa8e empowers financial professionals to devote their energies to high-value tasks, saving invaluable time and resources. Remarkably, Automa8e achieves over 90% automation of Manual Journal Entries, setting a global benchmark.

Automa8e’s AI-Driven Revolution

Documa8e, the AI-driven platform, further elevates efficiency by facilitating swift data entry, report generation, and intelligent bookkeeping, making daily tasks a breeze. It streamlines data management for clients, simplifying the process from data upload to instant analysis and categorization. Documa8e’s exceptional capabilities include AI Extraction and Automated Bookkeeping of Business Transactions.

Automa8e’s strength lies in its ability to equip clients with real-time insights, enabling better-informed decisions through its powerful companion, Reportma8e. The platform doesn’t just automate mundane tasks; it augments financial professionals’ abilities by providing a robust toolkit for data analysis. Additionally, Reportma8e performs the revolutionary task of automating the compilation of Annual Financial Reports, marking a significant first in the world.

Looking forward, Automa8e is unwavering in its commitment to expanding the horizons of AI in accounting and finance. The company’s vision encompasses broadening its footprint across Asian markets, where AI-driven innovation will underpin efficient and accurate financial management.

This prestigious Tier 3 ASR+ status is a testament to Automa8e’s relentless pursuit of AI-driven excellence, marking the inception of an exciting journey toward transforming the financial landscape.


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