AWS User Group Women in Tech

17th May 2024, Kathmandu

The AWS User Group Women in Tech Nepal is calling for female DevOps professionals to speak at their upcoming all-girls meetup.

The event, themed “Empowering Women in DevOps STEM: Challenges and Opportunities,” aims to bring together inspiring women in the DevOps field to share their journeys, triumphs, and insights.

Event Highlights

Theme: Empowering Women in DevOps STEM: Challenges and Opportunities
Date: [AWS User Group Women in Tech Nepal]
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Speaker Opportunities

Technical Sessions/Workshops: Deliver a 30-45 minute onsite technical session or workshop.

Career Journey: Share your inspiring career journey and experience in a 5-7 minute talk.
Q&A Session: Participate in a Q&A session addressing questions and queries from female attendees.

Application and Support

Interested speakers can apply through the following link: Apply Here. The AWS User Group Women in Tech Nepal team will provide guidance and training to those who may be new to public speaking.

Commitment to Diversity

This event underscores a commitment to diversity and inclusion by actively seeking female voices in the traditionally male-dominated field of DevOps. The goal is to provide diverse perspectives, foster inclusivity, and inspire more women to pursue careers and leadership roles in technology.

Privacy Assurance

The details shared by applicants will be handled with the utmost care and will only be available to the selection team of AWS User Group Women in Tech Nepal.

For more Information: Seeks Female DevOps Speakers


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