Android is one of the most cooling devices having lots of unique cool features that let you be more mobile friendly. Besides, there is also a stock of unique tips and tricks in Android that allowed you shock too when you know about them so let’s pick out some ideas on what are those.

  1. Unlock Lock Screen in Android Lollipop 5.0 without any tool

It is the unique feature of Android Lollipop 5.0 that let you unlock your locked screen without any device but it is a time-consuming task.

  1. Hacking WiFi Security in your Android Device

From the rooted android device, you can easily connect to any password protected wifi network using WPS connect application.

  1. You can use fingerprint security in android without using fingerprint scanner hardware.
  2. You can easily install Kali Linux (open source) in your Android Device for a pen-testing purpose.
  3. The coolest feature that you get from android is recording slow-motion videos in Android Device.

For this you need to install app from internet to perform this slow-motion task.

  1. Remotely Shutdown your PC with Your Android

Using your Android device, you can quickly shut down your PC for these essential settings is needed.

  1. You can use the Recycle Bin Feature in your Android Device.

You can quickly restore the deleted files, so it helps you to secure your data.

  1. Adding Guest Mode in your Android Device

This feature is only available in the case of a new Android Device but not in the fact of the older one.

  1. You can easily Block or stop any particular app for a specific period.
  2. You can even “unlock windows computer” from Android/iPhone.

To perform this task, you need to have “Rohos Logon Key Software” installed on your both Android and Computer.