Best Practices For Implementing A Security Awareness Program

The second general meeting of Cyber Security International, Nepal Initiative was held on 27th May 2016 at Kantipur City College, Putalisadak. The meet was chaired by Dr. Ramhari Subedi, Ph.D. In Cyber Security International, Nepal with Technical lead by Chiranjibi Adhikari along with Mr. Bikram Khadka and Mr. Bikash Neupane among the other participants. The meet was focused on the basic presentation to be given to the audience during the Cyber Security Seminar.

The meeting started with Mr. Bikram Khadka presenting the logo for the campaign and moved ahead with his presentation on ethical hacking. He provided useful information about ethical hacking with valuable insights about the hacking, virus and various terminologies in ethical hacking.

Later on, Mr. Bikash Neupane presented on Social Media Awareness. He provided a short background on the scenario of social media on the global context. He gave some interesting facts and figures about social media; mainly focusing on Facebook.

Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari demonstrated on the basics of Network Security. His presentation was more practical and informative.

Lastly, Dr. Ramhari Subedi spoke on developing a cybersecurity framework in Nepal. He demonstrated a conceptual groundwork about the cybersecurity campaign. He proposed a typical presentation for every trainer which would have excerpts from each of their respective performances.

Program Sponsored by
Prem Bhandari – Civil Engineer / CEO of AMA Engineering, Virginia USA

Anil Pandey – CEO of,
Honorary PRR of NTB, California USA