With lots of excitement and enthusiasm, most of the specialized people along with VIP members are participating on ICT Conference to give their valuable speech on cyber security. The program is performed on Durbar Balcony Room, just opposite to the Regal Room of Hotel Yak and Yeti. The program today will be of two sessions. The first session is about Security of E-enabled Services and Applications while the second session is about Surveillance and Privacy. Finally the panel discussion will be held on Cyber Attacks IN Financial Infrastructure: How Prepared We Are? The first presentation is performed by Mr. Narayan Koirala, the managing director of Eminence Ways Private Limited on the topic of Web and e-commerce Applications Security. He has also discussed on the web ecosystem along with the challenges caused in different sites like user, App level and network server. Actually web ecosystem discuss about the actual extract of code, source to download malware, vulnerability in application, vulnerability in system and many more. He told that there are lots of challenges in user like advanced targeted user level attacks, user awareness for all types of threats and many more. He has also given his speech on the challenges in App Level such as high update frequency in AT, change in AF to cope with market, Requirement of constant monitoring of user behaviors (traffic). Besides it, he has also focused on challenges in network server like daily rising threats, high cost of devices, difficulty in constant monitoring and many more. Finally, he has also put his valuable words on the way to maintain security through constant monitoring; and periodic testing and timely fixing.