Big Game Publishers Aren’t Preparing For Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has already been a hot topic in the world of technology. With technology giants behind the development of virtual reality and its component, they have been hyped up in the news as well.

Several projects are being launched so that virtual reality can be developed furthermore and it is expected to affect the game industry at first rather than other. So we might be getting more of games to see after the launch of virtual reality. This will result in the further enhancement of the devices that use virtual reality.

Even though there is big future for the virtual reality and so many funds being used for the development of games and programs that can be useful with the help of virtual reality, Big game publishers have no plans till now for including virtual reality in their products.

It’s a big new that went just viral from the recent E3 conference that happened this week that these big game publishers are still not planning for games with virtual reality. So why aren’t these giant game publishers not focusing on anything with virtual reality?

At this week’s E3 conference, representatives from Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard, and Take-Two all said they were taking a wait-and-see approach to virtual reality. “We haven’t seen the commercial release of the hardware. We haven’t seen a commercial release of any software,” says Strauss Zelnick, chief executive officer of Take-Two, makers of Grand Theft Auto. Similarly, other game developers also have to say something about not being so eager about virtual reality.

They are just waiting for the response from the people and depending on that they may work in the future for the games related to virtual reality. They are not planning to launch games next year when Oculus and Morpheus headsets will be available in the market.

Laura Miele, senior vice president for publishing at Electronic Arts, says that the company had a bad experience of chasing the trend and losing the focus. Therefore it’s not what they are doing this time. They are such big companies they don’t want to deviate from what they are doing now which is risky if they do.

Even though EA has some prototypes for the virtual reality, they expect it to be sold only in some years if they are planning for it. “We’ll not miss an opportunity, but we’re not porting all of our games or having a huge rush to be in VR right now,” Laura Miele says.

However, it looks like a better decisions for those giants to be not rushing into the virtual reality as there is no assurance if it is going to be a big hit. However its good if they are working on the prototypes because without their involvement virtual reality wont seem to attract more people.

There are different projects carried out for to encourage developers to develop games for virtual reality by oculus and Microsoft. However, if we really talk about the gaming future, it would be a big loss in the field of virtual reality if these giant game publishers aren’t included.