BiheNepal VIP Club

10th September 2022, Kathmandu

BiheNepal has officially announced the VIP club by organizing an event at the Karma Club of the World Trade Center in Tripureshwar on Thursday. BiheNepal started the ‘VIP Club’.

Shraddha Prasai, the co-founder of the company, introduced the VIP club after the huge demand of the users. The annual subscription fee of the VIP club is 15,000 and 10,000 for 6 months.

For services provided by BiheNepal through VIP Club, you have to register online using official documents and photos.

In this way, users who enter the VIP club can network with other VIPs and standard users of the VIP club.

Normal users will not be able to contact VIP club users. Similarly, BiheNepal will provide a ‘BiheNepal Black Card’ to its VIP club members.

It is said that through this card, users can get many offers and gifts from various stores and outlets across Nepal. According to Prasai, the information of VIP club members will be kept confidential.

BiheNepal app was released on Falgun 12, 2078.  It was announced that more than 50,000 members were added during these seven months in the club.

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