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Nepal in Data is an open data & statistics portal. Serving as a single point of entry from where users can access, interact with, compare & use data. Are you passionate about data? Or are you like many young people, who think data is boring?

Let us show you how data can be fun by joining us for an evening filled with engaging videos with that will make you look differently at Nepal; a guest lecture by the world-renowned Gap minder Foundation from Sweden on ‘Tactfulness: the relaxing habit of basing your opinion on facts’ and discussions with data experts and other young people over good food and music. Register today.

The program will start at 2:00 pm and finish by 5:15 pm followed by a dinner reception and mini-concert.
Participation is free so REGISTER TODAY!
Register here:
Email them at [email protected]om.

What is Nepal in Data?

Nepal in Data is an open data portal developed by Bikas Udhyami, a social innovation hub, to make development data and statistics on Nepal from 1950 to present available, accessible and discoverable. The portal aims to serve as a single point of access from where users can access, interact with, compare and use relevant data and statistics relating to different aspects of Nepal’s development.


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