Bill Gates Thoughts On Providing Smartphone To Kids

Smartphone has been like medicine to control kids regular activities. Whenever they do not want to eat, sleep or talk we provide them smartphones or any other gadgets like laptop, PSP and among others. Since it is the era of technology today’s kids are incredibly fond of smartphones, their whole world is inside the mobile phone they avoid social interaction. At present, it is impossible to make kids away from smartphone and other digital gadgets.

Founder of Microsoft Cooperation, Bill Gates did not allow his children to use smartphone until they were 14.

As per one report, it is inappropriate to give smartphones to children below ten years. Similarly, the story has also mentioned that more than 50 percent of kids create Facebook and Instagram accounts during the age of 11.

Bill gates idea on limiting screen time:

Bill Gates says it is essential for parents to limit screen times for their children. Extreme use of smartphone disturbs child psychology and their sleep.

The more the parents use smartphones, the more the kid will adopt the habit.

The use of smartphones by kids depends upon their parent habit of using smartphones. Kids quickly get inspired by their parent’s activities. So to control the use of smartphones by kid parents should use limits their own screen time at first, added gates.


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