Blockchain nepals meetup

16th August 2023, Kathmandu

In a bid to explore the transformative potential of blockchain technology, enthusiasts and experts alike are gearing up for “Blockchain Collab #4.” Organized by the thriving Blockchain Community Nepal, the event is set to take place on August 19th, 2023, starting from noon onwards.

The event’s venue, nestled conveniently near the Embassy of Finland in Bishalnagar, Kathmandu, is ready to welcome blockchain enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Anticipate an Engaging Lineup:

The event promises to be a melting pot of insights, networking, and knowledge-sharing, with a dynamic schedule that includes:

Insightful Discussions:

Brace yourself for thought-provoking conversations delving into the profound impact and limitless possibilities of blockchain technology.

Networking Opportunities:

Forge connections with kindred spirits, seasoned professionals, and novices alike in the ever-evolving realm of blockchain.

Knowledge Sharing:

Gain valuable insights directly from industry leaders, providing a practical window into the vast expanse of blockchain.

Community Building:

Embrace the opportunity to become an integral part of a vibrant community working collaboratively to shape Nepal’s blockchain landscape.

Unveiling the Power of Blockchain Community Nepal:

Blockchain Community Nepal, a beacon of blockchain enlightenment, has ardently dedicated itself to empowering Nepali youth with comprehensive blockchain knowledge. Using seminars, meetups, and educational sessions, the organization aims to cultivate a profound understanding of blockchain fundamentals. Their overarching goal is to drive Nepal’s evolution towards embracing innovative blockchain solutions.

Act Fast – Limited Spots Available:

Be sure to secure your spot swiftly, as limited places are up for grabs. RSVP through the provided link ( and stay tuned for further updates. Whether you’re a seasoned professional in the blockchain arena or just embarking on your journey, “Blockchain Collab #4” guarantees an enriching experience for all participants.

Join the Movement:

Leverage the power of social sharing to spread the word about this groundbreaking event. Your presence at “Blockchain Collab #4” could very well be a catalyst in shaping the trajectory of blockchain technology’s future. See you there!

Event Details:

Date: 19th August 2023
Time: 12 pm onwards
Location: Bishalnagar, Kathmandu (Near the Embassy of Finland)
Registration Link: Click Here


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