Broadband Internet Service Across All Ward Offices Nepal, Budget 2019

29th May 2019, Kathmandu

During the budget unveiling program held in the Federal Parliament, on Jestha 15th 2076, Finance Minister, Yuvraj Khatiwada unveiled the total budget for fiscal year 2076/77 B.S. to be Rs 1.53 trillion.

A new plan to expand the broadband internet facilities in all ward offices has been initiated for this year. Minister Khatiwada mentioned that broadband technology would be used to provide province and ward offices with internet facility with the use of optical connections.

Furthermore, he added that cybersecurity would be given top priority and public awareness, as well as training campaigns, will be held to spread better knowledge about issues regarding security online. Similarly, electronic systems based on GPS technology will be made qualitative and easy to use. The science and technology ministry’s functionality will be improved, and government plans on promoting locally developed technology to provide a living space for the Nepalese technology sector.

Mr. Khatiwada also shared the information that youth scientific meetup will be held this fiscal year. During the budget unveiling ceremony held on Jestha 15th, 2076, he mentioned that this year would be celebrated as youth empowerment year so that the young innovative minds of Nepal can act towards the technological development of the nation. To successfully implement this idea, the ward, municipal and province ministries will conduct various creative programs in co-operation with other social organizations to boost the growing population of youth towards a feeling of serving the nation with their technological knowledge and hopefully empower them to build a society with their new ideas.


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