Broadway Infosys 15th Anniversary

27th July 2022, Kathmandu

Broadway Infosys is entering its 15th year in the field of IT Training. Established in 2008, the members of Broadway Infosys have continuously worked hard to achieve their dreams and it is being shown with the market-ready candidates they have produced since establishment.

As per the words of the Managing Director, Mr. Harikrishna Adhikari, “Broadway Infosys has been moving forward with the mission of narrowing the gap between Academia and Industry.

As such, we are providing full-fledged IT Training on numerous IT Courses at a very affordable cost. We are also providing various offers and scholarships from time to time.”

On their milestone 15th year anniversary, Broadway Infosys is providing a 30% discount on all their courses. If you are interested in taking a step towards an IT Career or want to add more knowledge to your pre-existing knowledge, feel free to contact Broadway Infosys.

Do not let this golden opportunity pave a path for your career slip.

Finally, best wishes to Broadway Infosys for their upcoming journey!


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