SIM Card in Nepal

June 28, 2020,  Kathmandu

The customer has to appear in person with an identity card Or authorized warrant to buy a SIM card. The Nepal Telecom Authority (NTA) has directed to sell the SIM card only after verifying the official identity card of the person concerned.

The Telecom Authority has sent a letter to the mobile service providers on June 29, stating that unauthorized giving of SIM cards to another person will affect any other person’s mobile number, banking service, email service, social network, and other digital services. And may have access to data.

In the case of loss or damage, the arrangement shall implement in case of getting a new SIM card. The authority has directed mobile service providers to sell SIM cards sold by themselves or through other official vendors only if the customer has the person. If the customer is not able to attend in person, the authority has only asked to give the SIM card to the person who brought it under the law or the influence.

“Unauthorize access to other people’s mobile numbers has led to unauthorized access to Facebook and other digital services and data, including banking services, email services, social networks, as well as increased security risks. While providing the SIM card, the customer should be present by verifying the copy with the customer’s original identity card (citizenship certificate or voter ID card or passport or other identity card determined by the authority), checking the form filled by the customer and if the customer is not present the SIM card should only available to the person who has inherited it or brought it to the authority”. It said in the instruction issued by the authority.


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