A very helpful tool when working out how you are faring in the optimization of your website is the Google cached page feature. Withe this simple tool you can, at the touch of a button, find out exactly how Google sees your web page and when it was last crawled and cached.

The cached page checker shows you Google sees a web page as it was when it last visited the website. It is important to note that the displayed image of a page may be different from the image we see. This may happen if cascading style sheets (CSS) were used to arrange items on the page. Google will only be interested in the content and that is what it displays.

You can use this tool to check whether Google has noticed the change you have made to the website and whether it has updated its cache.

If you have made changes to your website and the cached page tool is showing your old page, it would indicate that Google has not yet updated and you should wait before you make any further alterations.

If Google has updated its cache but you are still not seeing effective results this would indicate that Google doesn’t think the changes make any difference to the site’s relevance.

This tool will make sure that you do not overwrite your changes erroneously and will take the guesswork out of changing your website.

Before making further changes to your website ensure that Google has your most recent website in its cache.