Call For URJA Participants To Tourism Digitization Challenge

Nepal to Host Tourism Digitization Challenge 2019
Nepal to Host Tourism Digitization Challenge 2019

The principle of sharing is not a new idea in the tourism industry Nepal. The advanced technological development cannot be stopped however, with sufficient flexibility & openness, the tourism industry context of Nepal can prepare for the upcoming challenges.

Let’s make an impact to add bricks on the Tourism Industry. Have an Idea? Need a platform to incubate? Believe that you can create an effect and bring changes in the Tourism Industry? Then TDC is the opportunity for YOU. At TDC, you will get to meet new individuals, who might be your future venture partner, meet mentors who will grill you and bring out the best from you and an opportunity to pitch your creative idea in front of some audiences, Judges, and Investors.

Let’s make Travel and Tourism Safer, Easier and Faster.
Application Deadline: February 20th, 2019.
Application Link: Click Here


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