Pragati Karki

9th October 2020, Kathmandu

Kathmandu University is organizing the Hult Prize On-Campus event. So, we took an interview with the campus director, Ms. Pragati Karki, to know what it’s all about.

What are Hultprize and Hult Prize at KU?

Hult Prize, the “Nobel Prize for Students,” is a platform for youths to bring transformation with their ideas. The Journey of Hult Prize starts at the On-Campus Program like the Hult Prize at KU. After Regionals and Global Accelerator Program, the journey ends at the Finals at the UN headquarters. Every year they publish a challenge related to the burning world issue. Then, the participants have to come up with a business idea to solve the problem. The best idea from the best team gets to wins 1,000,000 USD at the main event at UN headquarters. Hult Prize at KU is the first step for students at the KU to grab their chance of winning 1,000,000 USD. The primary aim of the Hult Prize is transforming how young people envision their possibilities as the leader.

How is Hult Prize at KU trying to cope up with the Pandemic?

The Hult Prize team has been actively trying to build personal relations among people from different affiliated colleges. They have selected campus representatives from all the colleges to have a smooth flow of information. The team is trying to conduct the event virtually instead of a physical event. It will be easier for the participants to stay in the comfort of their home rather than traveling.

What are your strategies for making this event successful or impactful for students from all the affiliated colleges?

Having a team with visionary people is vital to keep that synergy for a successful event. Ms. Pragati Karki also feels that her team is a gem full of committed and proactive people. The team has been conducting info-sessions in all the colleges in their respective online classes to aware people of the Hult Prize and also to keep them engaged. Hult Prize is actively reaching out for partnerships to promote the event further. To flourish the ideas and come up with a better business plan, they have also been planning to conduct workshops for the participants.

What difference or impact does the Hult prize create on Kathmandu University?

Hult Prize at Kathmandu University is trying to create an opportunity for students to showcase their ideas and skills. The Hult Prize is a platform for innovative brains to turn their ideas into a successful business. Even if they don’t end up winning the 1 million dollars, they still get up to build their network, learn a lot, and connect with people from various cultures.

Any message you would like to share?

Even if you don’t have the idea or the team, still come to the info-sessions and orientations. An idea might hit your brain, or you might connect with other people and form your team. Hult Prize at KU is also actively connecting people with no teams so, join the events and register.

The registration for Hult Prize at KU is also open until the 15th of October,

You can register at

*In case of team members not finalized, an individual shall register through the form attached below and inform about the remaining team members when finalized.

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