Cash Less Payment System Conference In Nepal

Information Technology Security Emergency Response Team, Nepal (ITSERT-NP) is a forum for all ICT Security Professional, entrepreneurs and Organizations in Nepal. ITSERT-NP organized this event.

Track of the conference
1. Current Payment Systems and Infrastructure
2. C2Gand B2B Payments Technology
3. Benefits to the Stakeholders
4. Banking Technology
5. Cash Less Payment system
6. M-Payment
7. Card Services
8. Financial Inclusion and Security Issues

Keynote Speaker

Mr. Yuvraj Pradhan (Intel Security)


  1. Mr. Debjyoti Guha (Intel Security)
  2. Mr. Soumak Roy (RSA)
  3. Mr. Prasun Srivastava ( SafeNet)
  4. Mr. Thousten Newmann (Smart Pesa)
  5. Mr. Neelesh Pradhan ( Nepal Clearing House )
  6. Mr. Narayan Koirala ( Eminence Ways)
  7. Mr. Ajit Regmi (NRB)
  8. Mr. Vivek Rana (InfoAssure)
  9. Mr. Ramendra Pradhananga (Inorins Technologies P. Limited
  10. Mr. Rajbir Singh (Nexus Group)

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