Digital Learning Day

18th Feb 2021, Kathmandu

Digital Learning Day will be celebrated in Nepal on February 25 (Falgun 13). Digital Learning Day, celebrated every year in the world on February 25, will also be celebrated in Nepal this year.

Digital Learning Day is being celebrated this year in Nepal under the slogan ‘Together for Digital Education’ organized by the Neema Education Foundation.

This time, Digital Learning Day will also host a panel discussion session on ‘Policy and Planning’ and ‘Digital Education of the Future.’

Workshops will also be held online on 22, 23, and 24 February. In which three different workshops will be held in three days. There will also be an online children’s panel discussion on ‘Kids and Tech.’

While the use of digital learning is growing throughout the world, it is also being used in Nepal. The Corona outbreak in Nepal has further strengthened the value of digital learning.

Digital Learning Day has been celebrated around the world since 2012. The Neema Education Foundation has been celebrating Digital Learning Day in Nepal over the last two years to encourage understanding of digital learning.


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