Google Search is the most famous medium to search for information and news related to any celebrity. After entering the search question, you will find the answers in the many results that are displayed on the page. But what would happen if the celebrity answers the search queries through his/her video? Isn’t the concept fascinating?

Well, this concept is not a hypothesis anymore. Google Search has launched a new feature for mobile search engines that allows celebrities to respond to questions with video selfies. The feature will be available on the Android app and IOS app and mobile browser.

Till now, this feature has been used by 11 celebrities that include Priyanka Chopra, Will Ferrell, Nick Jonas, Tracee Ellis Ross, James Franco, Gina Rodriguez, Allison Williams, Dominique Ansel, Kenan Thompson, Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane. Fans asked questions, and celebrity replied through their selfie videos.

Google has also planned to include answers from more high-profile celebrities in the upcoming months. Pre-recorded videos by the stars on a search query will appear on the top of search results. Fans will also be able to view the selfie-video response in full screen. It is expected that the videos will focus on the top searched queries and general trending queries.

Google hopes that this feature will also help to stop the spreading of fake news and myths as the response will come from the direct source.

Google had explained this exciting feature will be provided on the desktop browser on the near future. So, keep on touch with the desktop browser.


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