Cell Pay Offer

27th July 2021, Kathmandu

Cell Pay is a payment service. It enables payment through web and mobile apps.

What does CellPay do?

CellPay allows the fund transfer and payments directly from the bank account. So, people need not create a wallet on this platform. Unlink other payment platforms, CellPay is not wallet-based.

Using CellPay, customers can transfer funds in real-time and get the notification of fund transfer instantly.

CellPay supports mobile top-up, utility bill payment, physical merchant/shop payment, online shop payment, etc.

Cellcom’s CellPay service has unveiled a cash-back plan on the occasion of its anniversary.

Under this scheme, CellPay customers will get up to 10 percent (100) when they make the first payment to any merchant who pays phone calls from CellPay and 7 lucky winners will get a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy F22 as a bumper gift.

This scheme will be implemented from 10 Shrawan to 16 Shrawan.

CellPay is a service that can be used through both mobile and web applications.

How to register and use CellPay?

To use the CellPay app,

  • Customer needs to download the app from the Android play store or Apple Store.
  • Open the app and Sign up with your info (Name, Mobile number, and email address). Make the user type as a customer.
  • Enter the Pin number, confirm the PIN (which is a password for your login) and authenticate the request by OTP in your mobile number.
  • Now, you can enter into the app by using the Username of mobile number and password of the 6 digit PIN. You can also do the payment from the web using the same login. But the app can be used on only one device. So, if you login into the computer, you will be logged out from the mobile app.
  • After entering inside, you have to update your KYC, which will take some time to activate.
  • Now that you activated the KYC update, you need to link your bank account with CellPay.
  • After linking, you are ready to pay for a mobile top-up, fund transfer, utility bill payment, and many more.


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