Seres Trade Camp

26th May 2024, Kathmandu

The Limitless Exchange Camp in Ceres has officially begun. Starting from 24th May, official dealers and showrooms nationwide are hosting exchange camps, organized by MAW, the official distributor of Seres EV for Nepal.

Seres Trade Camp Begins

According to the company’s statement, consumers will receive unparalleled advantages and a unique opportunity to upgrade to the Ultimate Electric SUV during the exchange camp.

At the camp, customers can benefit from an instant car appraisal, the best exchange rate, an exchange bonus, and simple financing options.

The on-the-spot car valuation service ensures consumers receive the best exchange rate and an immediate car appraisal, allowing them to trade in their old automobiles for the new seres vehicle.

Upgrade to Limitless!

Experience the ultimate electric SUV today with Seres 3 and enjoy:

✔️ On-the-spot Valuation
✔️ Best Valuation of your Car
✔️ Exchange Bonus
✔️ Easy Finance

For More Details:

9802354148, 9802340750
Pokhara: 9802823717
Nepalgunj: 9802542161
Butwal: 9857084281
Narayanghat: 9855058208
Biratnagar: 9802749028
Birtamode: 9802079188
Panipokhari: 9802366325
Lalitpur: 9801116949
Bhaktapur: 9801077112

For more Information: Seres Trade Camp

The History of Cars in Nepal: A Brief Overview

The history of cars in Nepal evokes images of early automobiles being carried by porters over rugged terrain. The first car, brought by Prince Edward in 1922 for a hunting trip, marked the beginning of motorized transport in the country. However, for the next 50 years, cars remained inaccessible to the general public due to legal restrictions.

Notably, Chandra Samsher was the first to purchase a car, and the Rana and Shah families frequently imported vehicles for their lavish lifestyles. These cars were transported from Terai to Kathmandu using bamboo carts, with hundreds of porters from the Balami and Tamang communities undertaking the arduous journey.

During World War II, Adolf Hitler gifted Mercedes Benz cars to Juddha Samsher and King Tribhuvan to gain Nepal’s support. Many of these historic cars, including King Tribhuvan’s Mercedes Benz, are still preserved and displayed in museums and expositions, reflecting Nepal’s unique automotive heritage.


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