ChimpVine Mother’s Day Event

9th May 2021, Kathmandu

ChimpVine Mother’s Day Event: A virtual session for all aspiring mothers out there!

An event for all Inspiring mothers out there!

This Mother’s Day, ChimpVine is honoring and bringing together some truly admirable mothers from within and out of the country. We are all set to have a mother’s day event for all those amazing motherly figures. From a regular mother to a mother involved in any profession, we admire the selfless motherhood these bold women harbor in their minds and souls. This event aims to be something that they’ll cherish for the rest of their life.

Event Details:

Title: Mother’s

Day Special: A discussion on a Mother’s changing role in a child’s education

Date: 11th May 2021 / Time: 5pm to 6:15 pm / Zoom link: Click Here

Target: Mothers Nationally and Internationally

The objective of the event:

Accepting and appreciating the transition from being a regular mother to a mother and a teacher. And a guide on how ChimpVine, with an interactive learning approach through gamification, could be her best friend in the tutoring journey.

More about the event:

This event is mainly catered to our strong mothers on the special occasion of Mother’s Day. Keeping in mind the current circumstances, we are hereby organizing an event to promote the changing role of Mothers in the learning of their children. We also aim to focus on making screen time more effective through our product, ChimpVine. We intend to provide effective measures to deal with the shift in the teaching-learning process to an online medium through this event.

The event’s discussion will be directed mostly towards a mother’s role in her child’s education, especially during the pandemic. We’ll speak further about Covid-19 implications on mothers and children with necessary adjustments made in the way of education. We can’t unsee the necessity of properly guided virtual learning and effectively managed screen time. So, that’ll be one of our major discussions that evening. There, we’ll also present how ChimpVine can help mothers to do so. We’ll also discuss behavioral change through e-learning. Subsequently, we’ll present what route a mother can adapt to prevent her child from the shortcomings of online education. With all this being talked about, we’ll make the event as informative and resourceful as possible.

Our Guest Speakers Include:

Mannsi Agrawal

Mannsi Agrawal is the International Motivational & TEDx Speaker helping Audiences Transform their Lives. She is also the Corporate Trainer and the Communications Coach for High Performers for more than 10 years. She has been a public speaker for more than 7 years now.

She mainly talks about Self Love, Acceptance, and Gender-based issues as well as Entrepreneurship, Success, Work-Life Balance, and Stress Management. She’s an inspirational motherly figure.

Shrijana Shrestha

She is a lecturer by profession, holding an M-Phil degree in her teaching area of Journalism and Mass Communication. She has already dedicated her 8 years to educating students and looking forward to a brighter and literate Nepal. She is a creative storyteller through still and visual memories. She’s undoubtedly one of the most important members of ChimpVine. She’s leading different projects within the company and provides a friendly working environment for everyone involved with her. She truly is a prime example of a passionate and dedicated woman.

Sabita Sharma

Sabita Sharma is the current Assistant Vice President and lead product owner for a large reinsurance firm, where she is responsible for leading the Automation Initiatives across the Enterprise. Sabita has been working for over 17 years, implementing many solutions to create efficiencies, productivity, cost reduction, workforce allocation/availability, and accelerating underwriting workflow processes. She also was recently recognized by IBM for the top 40 Women leaders around the globe. She is a very inspiring wife, mom, and career woman!

Usha Khatiwada

Usha Khatiwada is the Chief Executive Officer at NRN Infrastructure & Development Limited. She was previously the Chief Operations Officer and had experience working with them for the past 9 years. Along with that, she is also a Ph.D. Scholar from Tribhuvan University and has participated in several training programs and seminars in Nepal and abroad. She is a firm believer that a positive attitude and thinking can lead to positive change. She has also been actively involved in speaking for Women’s Rights and Empowerment and is also a very important part of Girls in Tech. She has been working on bringing rapid change in the industry and the country with great initiatives.

Milan Dixit

Milan Dixit is the Principal of Rato Bangla Schools, which is one of the most renowned educational institutions in Nepal. She is an influential figure in the educational industry and has contributed towards the betterment of the education sector and learning as a whole for over decades now. She has focused on providing a rich experience in and out of the classroom to nurture critical thinkers with an interdisciplinary, experiential, and collaborative approach. She encourages her students to explore not only the world of knowledge but also their own behavior so that they grow up to be concerned citizens who care about making a difference in the world. She has also designed several books and programs to foster the creativity and growth of children. Along with being a role model in education, she is also heavily involved in Women’s Empowerment and other social activities.

Our initiative this Mothers’ Day:

Mother’s day truly is a day of significance for all. It’s a day to cherish your life as a mother and share your motherhood stories. Keeping that in mind, this mother’s day, we will be your stage. So, come and be the voice to our microphone. Change your emotions to words, intensify your voice and inspire the world of mothers with your story.


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