As per the report, Chinese attackers have attacked Apple and Amazon. According to Bloomberg, the Chinese Hacktivist breached the data of America based companies Apple and Amazon.

The data was breached through small chips placed on the company’s supercomputer.

Those chips that are kept in the server while manufacturing stores data continuously from the time of its activation.

But Apple, Amazon, and supercomputer have stated Bloomberg’s claimant as the fake news.

By issuing a statement, Apple claimed Bloomberg’s news lacks authenticity, and it does not have proper evidence to prove the attack.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg said after one year of continuous investigation by the two reports of Bloomberg on this matter all those evidence has been collected. They also said those Chinese attackers had stolen the data of 30 largest companies of America and secret data of government organizations.

Bloomberg claimed, in 2015, before Amazon started using the server of America based company Element, there held an investigation which disclosed the spy operation for the first time. Element used to exploit super microcomputer manufactured in the China-based company. Similarly, Apple, Amazon and other different American companies and significant banks also used to exercise super microcomputer hardware.

Since 90 percent of the computers are manufactured in China, it is easy for them to make cyber attacks, said Bloomberg.

The foreign minister disagreed with the blame made by Bloomberg. The issue of supply change has been a crucial matter for us, said the government of China.


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