Bharatpur To Host Webinar On Kids The Internet and Covid-19
Kathmandu, April 30, 2020
On the occasion of National ICT Day 2020, CAN Federation Chitwan Chapter and Information Security Response Team Nepal (npCert) are all set to organize Kids, the Internet & COVID-19 Nepal, How to keep our children safe.
Here are the details:
Milan Raj Nepali: IT Head of Beema Samiti, Treasurer at Cyber Security Research and Innovation
Topics covered: Prevention to online addictions of children

Roja Kiran Basukala: Deputy Director at Nepal Telecommunications Authority
Topics covered: About NTA Initiative, Child Online Directives
Anil Raghubashi: President at Childsafenet
Kamal Bastoal: Founder President at CAN Narayani, MD at Techminds
Topics Covered: Role of ISP / Bandwidth Monitoring about Child Online Protection through online
Anil Raghubanshi: President at Childsafenet
Topics Covered: Protect children with a case study of childsafenet
Moderator: Bhanu Sharma (CAN Federation Central Executive Member / IPP at CAN Federation Chitwan)

Event details:
Date: 2nd May 2020
Time: 4 pm to 5 pm
Type: Webinar (Zoom)


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