CISCO Global Cyber Security Summit To kick off In Capital

GCSS 2018 Press Meetup

Information Security Response Team Nepal (NPCERT) is organizing Global Cyber Security Summit (GCSS) 2018on July 27 – 28, 2018 with the theme “Building Global Alliance for Cyber Resilience” at Radisson Hotel Kathmandu. Similarly, the pre-summit workshop will take place in the National Science and Technology Institute.


The targeted audiences of the summit are IT professionals, security experts, government employees, enterprises, and learners from different sectors.

IT and Networking Company CISCO will be the leading sponsor for the event likewise; Log point, CheckPoint Software Technology, and Texas International College will also be the sponsor for the game. There will be the presence of IT experts, IT entrepreneurs, and stakeholders in the summit.

GCSS 2018 PRESS Meetup

The pre-summit workshop will be facilitated by LABA, CheckPoint Software Technology and EC Council, which will be continued in the summit too.

The goal of the summit is to gather expertise in the field of cybersecurity in regards to share knowledge and skills. The mountain is an initiative to make people aware of information security to establish a strong security posture in Nepal. The summit will empower the new generation and will bring together different stakeholders from various parts of the world to discuss current cybersecurity trends. With that, the summit also aspires to build a solid foundation to combat emerging cybersecurity threats.

The summit is structured to include a day of presentations, panel discussions, and keynote lectures by national and international experts. Those who will be speaking from outside the country are Champika Wijayatunga from ICANN, Vivek Srivastava from CISCO, and many other IT Professionals. The program has also been scheduled for the panel discussion with national and international business partners, employers, clients, and customers.

NPCERT is a society of Information Security experts formed to address the urgent need for the protection of national information and growing cybersecurity threat in Nepal. The attack on Information infrastructures are increasing in frequency and scale so, to address all these issues, not-for-profit NPCERT was established.


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