Citroen eC3

11th January 2024, Kathmandu

Since the Government’s decision to reduce tax on electric vehicles, a lot of Nepalis are going for electric vehicles. Currently, there are different models of EVs ranging from 15lacs to 2.5 crores in the Nepali market. Mr. Ajay Shrestha, proprietor of Siddhi Enterprises and J.S. Enterprises, has recently bought the Citroën eC3. Here’s what he has to say about his choice to go electric:

1. What made you choose Citroën eC3?

Its Premium looks. The Citroen eC3 looks and feels premium both externally and internally. It has good space inside. The ground clearance is quite good for the roads of Nepal and most importantly this is the only premium-looking EV in this budget.

2. What do you love most about Citroën’s design and features?

Its SUV has comfortable seats and of course Infotainment system. Additionally, it is very spacious.

3. In your view, what sets Citroën apart from other brands? What difference did you feel when driving other cars and driving the Citroen eC3?

It’s very smooth. The handling of the Citroen eC3 is effortless and comfortable. It’s fully automatic and that’s what makes the driving more comfortable. Also, the performance and torque generation of the Citroen eC3 is impressive. French DNA-equipped Citroen eC3 gives you trust and a Luxury driving experience on a good budget. It’s a value-for-money car.

4. How would you describe the driving performance and handling of the Citroën eC3?

It’s very easy and comfortable. Although we can’t get the claimed range in real-life driving, we can easily achieve a 230-260 km range with a single charge which is quite impressive. haven’t faced any problem driving uphill or off-road so far.

5. Are there any standout safety features in Citroën?

The most interesting feature is it doesn’t move automatically unless the driver ties up the seat belt and all the doors are closed properly. You have to force move it. Besides that, the signals and warnings are pretty clear.

6. What do your friends or family say about Citroën?

My friends and family like it as they can have a very comfortable space, leg room, personal bottle holder, charging port, etc for them. And of course, they enjoy the music while driving with Citroen.

7. How does the maintenance cost of Citroën compare to other cars? Have you noticed any changes in your fuel consumption since switching to the Citroën eC3?

I have felt a very huge difference in my expenses. I have driven almost 9000 KM with the Citroen eC3 and so far, my maintenance cost is zero. Beside that, I have saved a huge amount on Petrol. Before, I would nearly spend 12-15 rupees for a 1km range for a petrol car but with it down to 1 rupee per kilometer. For the 1km range for a petrol car, I would spend nearly 12-15 rupees but with Citroen eC3, it’s down to 1 rupee per kilometer. My daily average travel range is 100 km a day. I nearly save 30-35 K per month only on fuel expenses. If anyone is planning to buy a car on EMI that saving might cover your EMI.

8. How satisfied are you with Citroën’s customer service and dealership support?

I am satisfied with the Dealership. They are welcoming and it’s always a good vibe to be there. The most attractive part of them is they are not manipulative. They do not force sell the car. The service center is also supportive and ready to help you whenever you need assistance.

9. Would you suggest a Citroën to friends or family considering a new car? Why or why not?

I would recommend the Citroen eC3 because it’s a compact SUV with all the needed features that come at an attractive price. I agree that the features given could be better or more but as per the price it can be considered. Moreover, it looks huge and perfect for a family in the city and nearby destinations.

10. How would you sum up your overall experience with driving a Citroën?

I feel good driving the Citroen eC3. It’s Handy and comfortable. I also feel great as I am using the resources of my own Country while driving it.


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