Clicking Just An Image Can Hack Your Android Phone

Due to its rapid popularity, many issues come to hear in the market. Likewise hacking your Android phone just by clicking an image, is the severe problem that we heard nowadays. Soon this article you would get to know how this was done and how to get rid of it.

The dangerous Quadrocopter Vulnerabilities affected 900 Million devices and other previously disclosed issues; Google has also patched a previously-unknown critical bug which could let attackers deliver their hack hidden message through innocent image or social media or chat apps. It was also found that Last year, Stagefright bug (exploit code), allowed hackers to hijack more than 950 million Android devices just by sending a simple text message, but now the case is just opposite they are using Pictures to seize user android devices.

And all these things were disclosed by the researcher, Tim Strazzere and he found vulnerability (CVE-2016-3862) resided in the images. So be aware of it and don’t try to click on any unknown pic, if the message comes like as suspected. The main motto of hackers now is to let a victim open the image file within an affected app like Gchat or Gmail, and then a hacker could either cause a victim’s phone to crash or remotely execute malicious code to inject the malware on the phone and take control of it without any information to the victim.

Now, most of the android devices get hacked from Android 4.4.4 to 6.0.1 using an image, except today’s update which has fixed the vulnerability. So try to use the updated version of the operating system for your android devices. Besides, Google has also delivered a patch to fix the issue, but it is even not known how long the companies had to update the vulnerable Android devices.