Cloud Computing Grows Up, Digital Magazine Nepal

Cloud computing is becoming famous day by day due to its ability to improve access to data, increase flexibility and low costs. But there occurs many issues regarding the security of the data that is moved to cloud environment.
These issues can be managed with confidence by the person who takes concerns about both IT security managers and business users but only by developing a systematic and comprehensive approach to assessing the risks of moving the data into the cloud.
The sensitivity of the data must be analyzed and the seriousness of the consequences if there occurs a possible data breaching. The data must be given special security requirements depending upon the level of risk.
Then that data must be matched with the cloud architecture considering the private, public or hybrid and its security capabilities associated with it. The security management must function with business users once all these processes are completed to map out robust fact-based solutions which specific cloud environments are suitable for every data collection and applications also depending on the level of risks.
There is no doubt that cloud computing can be the most progressive pattern in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry in the following years. Cloud computing serves an excellent chance for an IT organization to provide high value and flexibility to the business and saves money at the same time.
And the security will yet be always concerning when a critical asset is no longer under control. A good cloud security program will provide excellent support to the business needs and allow the organizations to have the benefits of the cloud without facing any undue risks of data loss or breaching.
These programs can locate where the risk of moving the information in the cloud will be risky, and then the security practices management helps to reduce these risks to an acceptable level, and the costs of these practices come with the warranty benefits inherent in cloud computing.