Beijing, August 12, 2015
In China about 40 workers were gone missing after a horrific natural disaster (landslide) buried one million cubic meters of a mining company .
Around the northern province of Shaanxi the landslide occurred shortly right after midnight covering 50 employees dorms and three houses which buried about 40 people . About 10 people avoided being covered while four were rescued and rushed to the hospital .
Medical staffs ,firefighters and police with mining rescuers have been mobilized in the area and the place has been evacuated by the government. The mining company was identified to have been mainly vanadium produces.
In a separate incident at a coal and gas mine station on Tuesday night which is situated in southwestern province of Guizhou claimed lives of 10 people . The authorities have engaged rescue efforts and are now on the way.
In this incident 56 miners have left the safety station yet five are injured and three more are still missing. Since China is the worlds most largest producers of coal- it is important to improve the standards of the sector in various ways like safety wise and convenience wise,
An official of the safety department has claimed that 931 workers were killed in coal mine accidents last year. Therefore, officials are taking measures to prevent deaths from happening,