53rd Cyber Security Training at WFWP Office at Chitwan Sponsored by NRN business entrepreneur social activist Mr. Binaya Aryal

Cyber Certificate Program Cyber Security Certificate

Chitwan, Nepal January 20, 2017 – Cyber Security Awareness Program at WFWP (Women’s Federation for World Peace) in co-ordination with Dhrubaraj Indira Devi Aryal Foundation has been conducted successfully. The program was sponsored by Binaya Aryal a business entrepreneur social activist from North Carolina USA. Mr. Binaya Aryal has always positive feelings towards the community and proved it with several financial and social supports in the past. Recently, Aryal is abroad in the USA, his kind heart is always there for the betterment of the Nepali community. He has opened his arms to support the society generously.

Initially, Concept of Cyber Security Awareness in Nepal has been revealed by Prof Dr. Ramhari Subedi, who lives in Washington DC; also, he is the founder president of DCNEPAL DOT COM and the first appointed Cyber Security Advisor of Central Investigation Department of Nepal Police.

Now Dr. Subedi, the CEO of Cyber Security International, is launching cyber security awareness campaign nation-wide; firstly, from Kathmandu, Jhapa and Chitwan.

The CSI’s awareness generating program cum basic level training program has been conducted at WFWP-Chitwan Branch. Women activists, leaders, reporters along with Member of Parliament member Bishnu Maya Pariyar were also present in the program.
The program has been conducted by Head Trainer and Regional Director for Chitwan and Western Nepal Mr. Chiranjeevee Pokhrel, Nirma Jamarkatel, Pooja Gurung. At the end of the program basic awareness certificates were distributed to 49 participants.
At first, Regional Director Mr. Chiranjeevee Pokharel smoothly handled the program with both the first and second level including awareness generating about the cyber-crime and the security methods in computer, mobile, gmail, Facebook and Skype use. Also, he taught how to deal with spam and phishing e-mail messages.

Ultimately, the trainees were congratulated with CSI’s Basic Certificate for recognition. The program ran altogether for 4 hours, i.e. from 11:30 to 3:30.

The trainees have given positive feedback after the completion of the training.

The 50 participants in the program are:

Ram Parsad Gyawali
Sanjaya Aryal
Indira Bagale
Luv Uprety
Rabin Wosti
Sunita Chapagain
Monika Shrestha
pooja Ghimire
Manisha Thapa
Samyak Adhikari
Rishab Thapa
Mandeep Gnyawali
Rakesh Gyawali
Sanju Gurung
Sujit Dhakal
Aayush Poudel
Biwash kunwar
Shishir Ghimire
Prashish Bastakoti
Neelabh Kshetri
Biplov Ale
Devansh Kshetri
Nikunj Bhandari
Rabin Bhandari
Sadhana Dawadi
Pabitra Ghimire
Shraddha Aryal Sedhai
Ritsuko Gyawali
Sirjana Ghimire
Sarala Gurung
Sarita Adhikari
Mina Gurung
Asmita Bastola
Sanjya Gautam
Arjun Shrestha
Sajana Gurnung
Nikita Dhakal
Shabhu Kanti Adhikari
Sagita Thapa Magar
Urmila Ghimire
Dipika Bhattari
Karishma Bhattari
Tirtha Raj Wagle
Aayush Bhattari
Brinda Aryal Wosti
Biddya Ahikari
Parabti Dawadi
Gita Bastola