COBIT 5 Training Programme is designed to maximize the value of information by incorporating the latest thinking in enterprise governance and management techniques to support business decisions. So it is a practical framework to enable business value.

COBIT 5 generally provides an end-to-end enterprise overview reflecting the central role of the information technology while creating value for an enterprise of all sizes. The principle, practices, analytical tools, and models are for increasing the trust in and benefit from information systems.

COBIT 5 conduct several Training Courses like COBIT 5 Foundation, COBIT 5 Implementation, and COBIT 5 Assessor, etc.  And helps enterprises of all sizes to maintain high-quality information, achieve strategic goals, realize business benefits through the innovative and effective use of Information Technology, Optimize the cost of information technology services and technology, maintain IT-related risk at an acceptable level, achieve operational excellence through reliable, efficient application of technology, etc.

So, COBIT is universally recognized as the IT Governance and Control Framework in aspects of quality, compliance, and security. For this reason, it is designed to support the growing need for skilled and certified COBIT 5 practitioners.

Now, COBIT 5 Training program is also available as an In-House Training Program for a group of people working in the same institute. But do you know the reason behind choosing IT Governance for COBIT 5 Training:

  1. They are the only approved reseller of all ISACA publications including COBIT 5 in Europe.
  2. They are an ISACA/APMG-accredited training provider with the excellence of classroom education for over 10years.
  3. Their trainers are also their consultants and are even ISACA COBIT qualified.
  4. They are the leading providers of risk, compliance, governance training and consultancy.
  5. They are prepared for delegations of examinations with the practice of questions and advice.

For taking these courses, you need to book your seat through +44 (0) 333 800 7000 or email them to discuss your training requirements.

COBIT 5 also provide Certification for training. The COBIT 5 course includes six lessons that cover the five principles and seven enablers that form the basis of the COBIT 5 business framework. On completing the COBIT 5 Foundation course, you would be able to:

  1. Pass the COBIT 5 Foundation exam and earn a COBIT 5 certificate.
  2. Understand IT management issues and implement COBIT to respond to those challenges.
  3. Take advanced COBIT 5 examination courses:
  • COBIT 5 Implementation: to master the governance of enterprise IT based on a continual improvement lifecycle
  • COBIT 5 Assessment: to be able to perform formal process capability assessments.

You can get tremendous benefits of offering the COBIT Courses such as

  • High-Quality Training using COBIT methodology.
  • Practical Training by an expert team of COBIT experts.
  • Interactivity Guaranteed for all type of participants.
  • Focus on Effectiveness leads to the enhancement of a participant’s performance.

You can even get any information about Course Outline within  like Overview & Key Features of COBIT 5, The COBIT 5 Principles, The COBIT 5 Enablers, Introduction to COBIT 5 Implementation, Process Capability Assessment Model, Representative Case Study, Exam Preparation, Foundation Exam and many more.




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