Virtual Tech Conclave

20th August 2020, Kathmandu

For the first time in Nepal, the “Code for Change” organized a huge virtual event ‘Tech Conclave 2020’. Considering the situation in the world affected by the Covid-19, a virtual tech program has been conducted in Nepal for the first time with the objective of providing some insights and learnings in the field of technology.

For the past few years, the Code for Change has been providing various personal and professional skills to the students who are pursuing their studies in connection with technology, with the objective of helping students and encouraging people’s interest in technology.

This is the first time in Nepal that the Code for Change has conducted such a virtual program as it was not possible to organize such programs in physical presence in Nepal, which has been in a state of chaos since Covid-19. The event major focused on activating inactive students providing them with learnings in different IT related topics, insights regarding entrepreneurship and startups in Nepal along with online games. Mr. Nirajan Chhetri, Project Lead – Code for Change, said that the main objective of the program was to engage students providing them sessions from different speakers and promoting the projects presented by various students.

The program was conducted for three days starting 14th August 2020 to 16th August 2020. In the event, Texas College Chief Executive, Mr. Bhesh Raj Pokhrel emphasized the need to change Nepal’s education policy, while Tootle Chief Executive, Mr. Shikshit Bhatta encouraged innovations and research, and RajanKoirala, Chief Business Manager of EduSanjal, focused on the need to acquire expertise in the field of technology. Similarly, the event had an ideation session where students presented and pitched their ideas in front of three judges and a live audience participating in the event. Along with this, Tech Conclave 2020 – PUBG Championship and Quiz Competition were held parallel.

The event also featured important sessions such as Entrepreneur Space, Panel Discussion, and Speakers Session. In Entrepreneur Space, the presenters shared their experiences and encouraged the participants to move forward while facing challenges. The panel discussion also discussed private and government educational institutions and their plans and strategies. In addition, the impact of Covid-19 on entrepreneurship, the opportunities, and the challenges provided by it were also analyzed. During the discussion, the impact of COVID-19 on foreign education was also discussed in detail. In the Speakers’ Session, the speakers also analyzed the focus on the centralized and decentralized education system, employment opportunities in Nepal, and the relationship between technology and cybersecurity challenges along with a broad discussion on measures.

The event, which was attended and presented by more than 20 distinguished people, had more than 300 live participants and the event been also live-streamed from the official Facebook page of “Code for Change”. The program focused on the state of students and universities, alternative measures, and the highest use of technology, as well as how and where to start entrepreneurship. Mr. Sunil Khadka from Itahari was awarded as best participant of the event while the Crew of Destiny (CD) grabbed the title of Tech Conclave 2020 – PUBG Championship winner. Similarly, Kiran Karki from Kathmandu presented the best project and won the first title of the Ideathon.

Various attractive gifts and certificates of participation were also distributed to the participants in the event. The organizing team received lots of praise and best wishes from the delegates and participants of the event.


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