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20th October 2021, Kathmandu

After the huge success of their 1st National level fellowship in Nepal, Code Rush is back again with ‘Code like her Fellowship program-2021’. The program is organized by Code Rush in association with Kina, targeted mainly to provide industry-focused training programs to recent IT/ Engineering graduates.

Code Rush, a female-led IT company in Nepal was established to support the digital transformation of other businesses through consultation, website development, and digital marketing by employing only female staff.

With an objective to bridge the gap between the technology sector and the participation of women in the industry, Code Rush aims not only to increase female participation in the industry but also help them thrive. To this date, Code Rush has conducted multiple events, programs, competitions to provide a headstart for women to excel in their careers.

The first fellowship incorporated 16 females from all over Nepal, most of which are currently employed in reputed companies of Nepal as Software Engineers.

Astha Sharma, Founder, and CEO of Code Rush mentioned that “ I represent 10% of the females in the class, which is true for most of the engineering colleges. Even though the number of girls pursuing technical fields is increasing in Nepal, the retention rate is still low due to the challenges like pressure to start a family, career sacrifices,  and a lower average age of marriage than men. The only way to disrupt and change these facts is to provide women with a head start early on.”

Code Like Her Fellowship Details:

Code Rush has already announced its call for applicants for the fellowship program-2021. The training program starts on 12th December 2021. Like the previous one, this will also be organized virtually.

The program is a four-month-long fellowship program and is designed for passionate and enthusiastic fresh graduates seeking a career in full-stack development. The participants of this fellowship will get the opportunity of coding Bootcamp that combines lectures, workshops, projects, and more to help them master the practical skills—both technical and professional.

Fellowship Process:

An applicant is required to fill up a lengthy form that consists of questions on personal information, educational background, areas of interest, motives, and expectations of the applicant. After which enthusiastic candidates will be notified to appear on a written exam focused on basic programming knowledge and problem-solving skills followed by an interview. The final 18 candidates will be selected for the Code Like Her Fellowship.

The selected fellows will get hands-on knowledge and skills on UI/UX, NodeJs, ReactJs and Postgres, and GitHub along with various additional interpersonal skills development sessions by experienced and expert mentors.

One of the previous fellows Bisikha Subedi, currently a Junior Developer at Infinity Development Agency, says “I am more confident and have gained insights regarding problem-solving. Breaking down problems into parts and working on a part of a problem without fearing the complexity of the entire problem is the major change that I feel in myself. My journey of efficient learning started after the fellowship”

Fellowship Highlights:

  1. Tuition-Free program with intense industry-based training.
  2. In-depth Training of UI/UX, Frontend (ReactJS), Backend (Node.js, Express JS), Database (Postgres).
  3. Proper guidance and mentorship from leading tech experts.
  4. Exposure to tech enthusiasts within and outside Nepal.
  5. Sessions to boost up presentation skills, leadership skills, teamwork efficiency.
  6. Support to land an internship/ job opportunities.

Fellowship Details

  • Starting Date: 12 December 2021
  • Time: 30 hours/ week
  • Duration: 4 months
  • of fellows to be selected: 18
  • Target Participants: Recent graduates from IT, Engineering or related courses
  • Application deadline: 27th October 2021

For more details as well as to apply, you can visit Code Rush’s website


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