College Culture And Student satisfaction, IT College In Kathmandu

Today’s world is based on IT. Perhaps it is impossible to find a single field where IT has not been involved. So it is the demand of time and needed as well to modernize the present world. Without IT, it is tough to imagine the future of the current time. So it can be called as a core part of Modern Science.

IT field is like a weapon of any nation to promote their country. So many states allocate their tremendous amount of budget in the area of IT. Likewise our country, Nepal has also assigned a enormous amount of budget on it. So many learning institutes and colleges are established to meet the strategy of Government Plan. Due to this many competition occurred per year with the institutes and colleges. It is essential as well to nourish the field of IT. Soon this article I will discuss on what are the IT colleges established in Kathmandu, What their mission of the course and job perspective are.

Perhaps you may feel why I an ism discussing about the IT College in Kathmandu Valley only although there are many IT related colleges outside the Valley as well. The simple answer is that Kathmandu valley is the Core part of the Nation.

So if we know the current status of Kathmandu Valley on IT, then it is about to guess that how effectively Government has implemented their plans, outside the valley as well. Only that reason I have determined to write this article. If you don’t like my perspective, please put your comment on the website.

Now let’s discuss about the IT College in Kathmandu Valley.  In Kathmandu valley, many IT colleges have been established. Each has its own strategy and planned on how to provide qualitative education to their students so that they can cope/adjust on the challenging and evolving career. On this course, they have primarily focused on Software, Hardware, Information, and Communication Technology. So the students would be able to design the real world online media products or create technical solutions to hardware and software problems. Besides they even collaborate with different government, non-government, private and public organization, software companies, telecommunications, computer networking companies, etc. and provide prosperous career opportunity to their students. Students can establish themselves as software developer, web designer and developer, network administrator, database administrator, project manager, system analyst, technical writer, information system manager, database operator, information system auditor and many more. So in the IT field, there are many career opportunities. Currently, there are many colleges in Kathmandu which work for the development of the IT field like

  1. Amrit Science Campus (ASCOL)
  2. Xavier’s College
  3. Kathford International College of Engineering and Management
  4. National College of Computer Studies
  5. Kantipur City College
  6. Deerwalk Institute of Technology
  7. Himalayan College of Engineering
  8. New Summit College
  9. Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT)
  10. Texas International College and many more.

There are about hundred of colleges established to provide IT course to the student. And many are in the phase of the establishment, so the career on IT is very bright. All you need to do is you have to be updated with the time and technology.