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Many conferences, seminars, workshop, presentation, etc. are held every year in Nepal since the importance of IT was realized. These are conducted by government, non-government, private and public organization, software companies, telecommunications, computer networking companies, etc. While I am writing this article as well many IT related activities are conducted in Nepal. Due to IT, this vast world has turned into a Global Village. So we all need to be updated on latest technology new in Nepal.

It helps you to be familiar with the latest technologies introduced in Nepal and what are the scenarios in a foreign country as well based on Modern Technology. So we can compete with them and launch our local product globally. Furthermore, the technology that you used today may not be used for tomorrow or would be more updated. So you must have a clear idea about it then only you can compete with other companies. And for your benefit as well you have to understand what going on in the technology of Nepal. It will boost up your knowledge and your personality to give a speech on mass.

So here I will discuss some of the latest important technology news that had happened in Nepal.

On 1st and 2nd February 2016

The 16th CAN Information, and Communication Technology conference was held. On this conference, they discussed on Cyber Security and what significant steps are needed to stop the cybercrime and threats. They have a banner like “CYBER SECURITY: CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS FOR DEVELOPING ECONOMICS.” And it was organized with the collaboration of CAN Federation and Internet Society Nepal. On this program, Dr. Richard Lamb had given his valuable speech on Cyber opportunity. Similarly, many honorable people like Mr. Subodh Ghimire, Mr. Bijay Limbu Senihang, and Mr. GZ Kabir discussed on the first-day program. On the second day, they have two sessions. The first session is about Security of E-enabled Services and Applications while the second session is about Surveillance and Privacy. During this program, Mr. Narayan Koirala, Mr. Shree Khanal, Mr. Sachin Karki, Mr. Payan Duggal; Mr.Umesh Shrestha and Mr. Rishikesh Dahal had given their valuable speech.

Around 23 February 2016

A conference was conducted on “Securities Issues in ISP in Nepal.” This conference was held in Alina’s Bakery Cafe, which is situated in the heart of Lalitpur (Kathmandu Valley, Nepal) nearby Jawalakhel chowk at Manbhawan.

On this conference, many technicians and professionals from different companies like Subisu, World link, Classic Tech, Vianet, HONS, Web Surfer, Mercantile, iTel (Otel), Ncell, Living with ICT along with INSERT-NP (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SECURITY EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM NEPAL) were present. They provided their valuable insights on ISP security and emerging threats in Nepal. They also discussed on what technologies should be adopted to slow down such problems from Nepal.

Around 9th July 2016

Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya was praised by a short conference. He is the first Nepali to get a Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering from the Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine.

Besides these, there are also much news we heard on newspaper, article, and TV like Improve wifi signal coverage, 7 Easy Fixes for Slow Wi-Fi, how to improve Wi-Fi signal coverage!, INTERNETWORKING, Graphics Nepal’s first licensed IPTV, What Nepal Budget 2073/74 has in for Science & Technology of the country? Feature packed smartphone Xiaomi MI 5 now available in Nepal, Government Cloud finally comes to Nepal, Government Data Center to host Government Cloud Facility, etc. Similarly, Cybersecurity situation in Nepal, the list of online payment service companies in Nepal, eCommerce business Practices and Trend in Nepal, etc. are the important news that we have heard on ICT news.