Unfortunately for Samsung they didn’t really have anything over the holiday seasons complete against the apple iPhone 7 plus. They were dealing with one wicked migraine of a problem with the Samsung galaxy note 7. Now they’re looking ahead to the future with its upcoming phablet of a phone in the Samsung galaxy s8 Plus. The most notable difference between the two is in house Samsung is able to cram in a whole lot of screen to the body of the s8 plus. Comparing S8+ to the iPhone 7+ it’s pretty incredible Samsung is able to maximize the real estate on its phone because two appeared to be similar in size but S8+ feature is significantly larger 6.2 inch display easily dwarfing the 5.5 venture in the iPhone 7+. Speaking of displays their shit again a draw with the S8+ because of its staggering resolution of 2960*1440 pixel. In S8+ there are many pixels crammed together and it makes it sharper it sharper looking in more detail than 1080p resolution used by the iPhone 7+.

There is no denying the premium filled with two phones that’s a plus much like its predecessor has a shiny infection for glass which strimmer’s nicely when light bounces off its services but that glass still feels a bit more fragile in contrast. The metal body of the iPhone 7+ gives it a more substantial fell on the hand and at least the two offer degree of water resistance. Samsung galaxy S8+ feature a slimmer chassis than the iPhone 7+ and however the iPhone 7+ is a little shorter than S8+.

The iPhone 7+ proved to be a champ when it comes to snapping photos thanks to it’s a dual camera configuration but don’t count out the S8+. Now Samsung galaxy S8+ has its brand new desktop environment courtesy of Samsung decks now this essentially allow you to dock the S8+ and experience with desktop environment where everything is powered by the phone itself. It is not new concept mobile as windows 10 has its own version but this still something that the S8+ has an edge over its competitor beyond that will save our reservation between the two phone.


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