Quick Solutions Nepal

25th December 2021, Kathmandu

With the development of new technologies, Partner Meet has been trained on how to protect computer devices. The program was organized by Quick Computer Solutions in Birendranagar, Karnali, with the support of Nutrik Nepal.

Little is known about the security of computers and other devices. But for the first time, Quick Computer Solutions has trained industrialists and technicians on how to train and secure equipment.

Dharmu Bhandari, director of Quick Computer Solutions, said that training on how to protect those devices, in the long run, was provided along with information about new devices in the program.

According to him, the program also taught about the problems of CCTV cameras of Hikvision company and their solutions. The participants were trained by Supreme Koirala, Technical Engineer, HikVision Headquarters, Kathmandu.

The program organized at Shubh Hotel also included various interesting quiz contests and lucky draws. Certificates were also given to the participants in the training.


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