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April 08, 2020, Kathmandu, Nepal

The world is going through a challenging time due to COVID -19 pandemic. Our country has also wisely decided to keep everything in the lockdown state to minimize the risk of the pandemic spreading. During the lockdown state, everybody has to stay inside and majorly depend on the Internet to carry out their daily activities or engage themselves with news, entertainment, or social media applications. Critical applications like online banking, online education, corporate work, online medical counseling can happen only through the Internet.

All Internet service providers are facing tremendous pressure on giving adequate service to the customers in the face of a substantial surge in demand for internet bandwidth.

WorldLink is the largest broadband service provider of Nepal who had an enormous responsibility to keep the network up and to run despite the lockdown situation. To fight this battle, WorldLink has established an isolated team across the country. Some of the WorldLink staff volunteered to stay in isolation in the branch offices, leaving their loved ones and families in their homes, to minimize the risk. They were provided with PPEs(Personal Protective Equipment), and adequate safety kits by WorldLink and their health are being been monitored around the clock. With the effort of this team, WorldLink has been able to handle all significant outages with top priority and are daily fighting in the field to eliminate any disruption of service. These brave hearts has shown outstanding courage and dedication towards the customers and towards the nation in this difficult time, which is highly appreciated by all.

Not only this, but WorldLink has also been able to connect some quarantine locations, where people had been kept separately under observation because of suspected behavior of them coming in contact with COVID-19 patients. The Internet has been their lifeline to keep themselves updated and engaged. WorldLink team has challenged themselves and have got these essential centers connected and are ready to join more if the nation needs so.

WorldLink having a massive base of internet customers in Nepal stood firm amid this abnormal situation and is committed to fighting against all the odds to serve the nation and keep the people connected to the Internet.


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