Cocacola waste workers

12th April 2021, Kathmandu

CREASION with the support of The Coca-Cola Foundation and Bottlers Nepal (Terai) Limited jointly conducted Occupational Safety Training and Health Camp for waste workers on the occasion of World Health Day 2021. In alignment with the celebration’s theme to ensure a fairer and healthier world, the event was organized for waste workers putting into consideration their vulnerable working conditions.

The program included a training session on safety measures during and after work, usage of different safety gear, prevention of occupational accidents at the site, and a session on the use of fire extinguishers and other safety equipment for a safer working condition. Safety gear including protective s/hoes, caps, jackets, masks, and gloves- were also handed over to the waste workers. In view of the sites’ vulnerability to fire accidents and other hazards, each site was also equipped with fire extinguishers and other safety amenities.

The health camp which was led by Dr. Anuj Raj Kandel consisted of medical checkups and consultations with the waste workers regarding their health concerns and issues. One of the other major highlights of the event was the handover of labor contracts for the employees of the baling sites. The contract has been provided to help balers formalize working conditions for the benefit of their employees.

Speaking about the initiation, Aanand Mishra, Founder and President of CREASION shared,

“The vulnerable working conditions of waste workers is a threat to their livelihood, our environment, and the society. We are humbled to provide them assistance through safety training and health camps and will continue with our effort for a fairer and healthier world for them with the support of The Coca-Cola Foundation.”

Mr. Pradip Pandey, Managing Director, Bottlers Nepal Ltd. shared,

“Workers in the waste and recycling industry face many occupational health risks and hazards. We are humbled to support the heroic efforts of these unsung heroes who risk their own health and lives every day to make our planet cleaner. Together with our partners, we aim to build a safe environment for waste workers, where they are treated with dignity, respect, and fairness.”

The event reached out to 67 waste workers in six different bailing sites of Satungal, Teku, Balkumari, and Jorpati. One of the beneficiary waste workers added, “We cannot change the risks that come with our job but with frequent safety training, medical check-up, we will be able to prevent such risks and we are thankful for that.”


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