Creating Your Digital Presence,

A new contender is in town competing with major website building products all around the world-named Contentder. It is an Australian based company that collaborated with Braindigit IT Solutions, a top IT company from Kathmandu, Nepal. As a cloud-based web development platform, they that aim to provide an all in one solution to embark businesses be it small or large onto the digital market. Contentder claims to offer a user-friendly UX/UI that any starter from a developer, designer to even a layman can easily navigate to create stunning websites saving a lot of time and money.

“At Contentder, though it’s targeted to people with limited or no coding experience, an entire section is present for developers and designers where they can contribute their components and templates and become an influential part of our family.”, As said by Mr. Alok Pandey, the CTO of Contentder. Mr. Nischal Pradhan, the CEO of Contentder quotes, “Contentder was built with a vision to induce effortless professional yet beautiful website building and also pave a successful digital marketing path.”

With built-in Social Media Management that allows to connect and engage users, SEO tools for better search engines rankings and more undisclosed digital marketing features in their pipeline, Contentder seems to have the potential to help its users have a successful online journey. Contentder comes with a lot of promises to build the perfect platform required to develop and digitally market a fully-functional website. With even more features to be released soon, let’s see what they have up their sleeves in the upcoming days.


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