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11th February 2023, Kathmandu

The Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) was founded in May 1992. But formally registered in December 1992 with the participation of professionals, specialists, manufacturers, institutions, and related organizations from Nepal’s information and communication technology sector.

Additionally, it is the umbrella organization whose membership includes ICT Institutions, Associations, and Individuals working in this sector. As the President of CAN is a member of Nepal’s IT Council, a representative from the private sector works closely with the government. Furthermore, It operates on the principles of autonomy, non-political, non-partisanship, non-profitability, and service orientation.


  • To help in the use, improvement, and promotion of information and computer technology throughout the country.
  • Assist in the development of strategies to meet the requirements for the development of literacy and computer science skills.
  • To provide and protect rights, privileges, and benefits to CAN-affiliated individuals, institutions, businesses, and organizations.
  • To provide general, corporate, and honorary members of CAN with assistance and facilities.
  • Coordinate ICT advocacy, advisory, and implementation with the government.
  • Act as the primary facilitator of private ICT organizations.
  • To aid in the institutionalization of information and communication technology.
  • Assisting and developing synchronization and standardization in ICT training and education.
  • To improve service coordination among computer professionals. To plan and execute seminars, workshops, talks, and training programs, as well as to provide consulting and R&D services.
  • Assist in the transfer of technology, export, import, and formulation of national policies.

The crowd started increasing in Can Infotech, what are the observers interested in?

The number of people watching CAN Infotech, which was launched by the Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) to provide information on information technology, has grown at Kathmandu’s Bhrikutimandap.

Businessmen have said that there is a large presence of observers in Infotech to get new information technology and information.

The exhibition features over 200 stalls from hardware and software companies, internet service providers, mobile and mobile accessory sellers, and those involved in various genres of information and technology.

According to the organizer, the Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) Federation, the exhibition was organized to provide information about various products and services in the field of information and communication technology. The exhibition will be on display until February 12th.

Additionally, they stated that many students who want to study technology come to the fair to see the new technologies created by Nepali software engineers. And because there are also college stalls, they come to see the infotech with their parents.

Furthermore, Organizers said that CAN Infotech aims to provide information about new technologies. And do business by connecting people’s lives with technology. According to Udayakant Jha, director of Lord Buddha Education Foundation, new technologies are developed over time.

There is a crowd of observers coming to the fair to see new technologies and obtain information on information technology.

What kind of technology has he taught by IT teaching caps in Nepal? He said that information can be obtained by visiting the Kajels’ stalls. He also said that he wanted to learn about the new technology and new curriculum coming to the fair.

Similarly, Sunand Regmi, marketing manager of PCPS College, who had a stall at the fair, stated that there appears to be a lack of visitors because a lot of technology is visible in mobile apps. He said that by keeping stalls of kajels for students to study technology at the fair, the movement of students has increased.

Additionally, he said that the students’ desire for technology is different from the past. Similarly, Vasudev Subedi, the manager of Resttony Computer, stated that the fairgoers are very interested in the new technology.

More than 150 stalls at the fair display laptops, desktop computers, mice, keyboards, and television sets. Changes in new technology in information technology and other related information can be obtained from a single source.

At the fair, there are stalls of Nepal Telecom, computers and computer-related goods, CG companies, technology goods used in colleges, banks, and financial institutions, Gamla Ghar, Kitaw, and electrical bikes.


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