Sagoon: A Nepali Made Search Engine is a future of Social Commerce Platform that are closing this round of funding on Nov 30, 2017.  So hurry up to invest on it, which has a minimum required of $1,000 for investors. Up to now, it has 1 Million+ Users, 2000+ Investors, $3.2 Million + Amount Raised, 40 + Employees Worked at Google, IBM etc.

Sagoon – a Delaware, USA-based Corporation was founded by Govinda Giri in 2009 has a motto of user’s buildings his/her rewarding life through the social path of Connect, Share and Earn.So, a Sagoon: social commerce platform sharing revenue with its users offering three desktop services by December 2017:

Connect- 3 Applications

  • My Day:

The fastest way to create and share schedule, build to-do-lists, and set reminders is professionally designed to simplify personal lives and professional career with improved productivity through a shareable online calendar. It has following features:

  • Multi Location Clock
  • Weather
  • Schedule
  • Share Calendar
  • To-Do List
  • Reminder
  • Secret Messaging or Anonymous Messaging APP:

A Secret Anonymous Messaging App helps to learn, explore and experience different ideas and communities with the safety and comfort of anonymity by sharing secrets message publicly or privately. It has also following features:

  • Create Secrets
  • Set Privacy
  • Track Secrets
  • Attach Multi Images
  • Like, Dislike, Share or Comment
  • Hot Secrets
  • MoodTalk:

A messaging app for peer-to-chat helps you to communicate using your own “Moods”.  For this you have to set your preferable moods like sick, sad, happy, funny etc. while chatting with others friends and it ends after a day. It has also following features like:

  • Setting-up The Mood
  • 24-hour Delete
  • Diverse Mood Emoticons
  • Group Chat
  • Search Your Friend
  • Attach Files

Not only this, Sagoon, a company and its team are now working for the development of “The Social Smart Card” with the support of 7-member team to launch its beta version of Social Smart Card by the first quarter of 2018. It is a single digital card allowing users to earn money through shopping, redeeming coupons and gifting their loved ones.

Share – Social Smart Card:

  • Gift:

Clients can easily buy and send gifts to their loved ones.

  • Shop:

Users can buy goods or products and services

  • Save:

Find, share and redeem coupons as well as unearned value on gift cards.

You can even earn money through Earn Smart Card Credit, doesn’t its sound great, so hurry up to be a member of thisFuture Social Ecommerce Platform.

Earn: Earn Smart Card Credit:

  • Based on user engagement on Smart Credit Card, user can earn money. The more users engaged, active, buy, sell and gift products to their loved ones, the more they can earn money.

To achieve the motto of Connect, share and Earn, it has started its branding not only in Nepal but also in India. So now we have Sagoon Nepal Pvt. Ltd in Kathmandu, Neupane Tower, 3rd floor and Sagoon India Pvt. Ltd in Delhi-NCR, at beautifully designed Vatika Mindscapes, Tower B, 8Th Floor.

Similarly, Govinda Giri, a founder of Sagoon said, “We have a vision of a world where everyone makes money while they socialize. You can help us achieve that vision by investing in Sagoon.”Investing on Sagoon Journey has a bright future so take its advantage soon having share of it by Nov 30, 2017 for this round of funding.

Signing up on Sagoon can change your life, so be smart, productive and connected, its one-time opportunities you never gain, so invest in Sagoon by going through this link:




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