CSI Nepal Hosted 6th Cyber Security Awareness Program

Cyber Security International Nepal held its 6th awareness campaign at Chabahil. The students who just gave SLC examinations were the primary target group of this program. The number of participants in the program was very encouraging as they all were pretty enthusiastic and participated during the whole period.

Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari, CEO of ICT Frame Magazine and Operation Manager at Nepal Certifying Company, delivered an informative and valuable presentation. He provided insights about cybersecurity and cyber policy and procedures in Nepal which were very useful for the students.

Mr. Pradeep Thapa, Marketing Officer of McAfee Antivirus in Nepal, was present as a guest speaker. He explained to the students about the efforts of McAfee in minimizing cyber threats and the importance of gaining knowledge about such dangers.

Mr. Bikram Khadka, CEO of Black Hawk was another speaker in the program. He provided beneficial information about a possible career path in the IT sector. Since the importance and scope of cybersecurity is every growing this day, he said that students pursuing the career in this sector could create a good job as well as contribute in building the cybersecurity in the country.

That program was conducted under the leadership of Dr. Ramhari Subedi and coordination of Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari.