CSIT Association of Nepal-Butwal‎ By Design Thinking Workshop

Collaboration is at the center part of design thinking. Web Designing your workshop in rough ninety minute chunks will save you a lot of pain. You won’t need to rush, delete activities on the fly. Design thinking is a procedure used to ideate and develops some designs or solutions to a problem. It’s is a human-centered iterative process to find a creative solution that works. It refers to cognitive, strategic and practical processes used by the team.

This method is considered as the most effective way for an innovative and creative solution. Since the process goes through different stages, the solution designed through Design Thinking would be the most effective solution to a given problem.

A problem can have multiple sets of solutions, but some are better than others in the given context. In the context of software development, the answer they built may not serve the users in the best way. So the idea of Design Thinking is not only to find a solution but also to make sure that the answer is the best one that genuinely serves the users.

In this workshop, They will work around one idea through the high five stages. Here the theme is Gift giving experience( would be better to reveal the issue right before the workshop).

Venue: Butwal Multiple Campus
Time: 12pm to 3pm
Date: Falgun 9, 2075 (Thursday)
Mentor: Shishir Paudyal

Registration Link: https://goo.gl/forms/E0js7BNVNaCVLYcS2

(ONLY 40 participants will be allowed to enter the program, so make sure you don’t be late.)


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