Cyber Security and Awareness at Gyankunj College, Banepa

Cyber Security and Awareness

For every problem, there exists different solution . Likewise, there exists preventive measures for every crimes that happens.

On that same note, today 8 March 2017,Wednesday, ICT Frame Magazine conducted an awareness program at Gyankunj College, Banepa with the motive of enlightening the college students to be safe from the Cyber Crimes that exists in today’s world.

On the event, They had Mr Nabaraj Bhurtel, Chairpreson of CAN Federation Kavre, Immediate Past President of Kavare Chapter of CAN Federaiton Mr.Kailash Palanchoke, Founder of ICT Frame Magazien Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari, and the Vice President of Nepal Jaycees and the President of Kavre Jaycess.

The Vice President of Nepal Jaycess, shared his personal incident on how one of his family member became the victim of Cyber Crime. He guided everyone on how to be aware from those crimes. He also suggested everyone to open up with the problems they are going through.

Similarly, We had Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari, our presenter for today, who shared some essential tips on how to be safe from the Cyber Crimes. He presented the data on the most active hackers from the world also he suggested what to do and what not to do on the social media sites. The research shows that the most searched keyword in Nepal is “How to hack Facebook account?”. This research shows that we are misusing the technology. Also, he shared some real incidents about the Cyber Crimes from which people are suffering in the real world.

Mr. Kailash Palanchoke also suggested everyone take the stand on the crimes we are suffering from. We can directly contact the police department or we can take the help of different organizations.

So we concluded to be aware of those Cyber Crime that we face.


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